Returning To The Open Water

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

Returning to Nature

Not long now until the temperatures rise and everyone starts getting their wetsuit out of the cupboard!

Some of you will have been swimming during these winter months in a nice 29-degree pool, doing training sets or just hitting the wall begging for the return of the open water season.

It's an exciting time getting back to OW but remember the water can still be fresh so make sure where ever you do your first swim you do it with a friend and do your checks first;

Water Temp Check - Check what you're going into, especially at the start of the season, as it might be nippy.

Location – Be aware of any changes of current flow. Make sure your entry/exit locations are nice and clear of debris.

Safety Equipment - Is there a life ring box? If so, have a peek in to see if it's there.

Foot Prints - It's important to let someone know that you're off outdoor swimming, when and where. So is getting acquainted with local facilities to make sure you’re as safe as possible.

Getting Acclimatised - BETWEEN 10°C & 15°C – The best tip I can give you is to ‘TAKE YOUR TIME’.

There is no rush and it’s important to allow that first session to be a lovely re-connection. It’s not about getting in there and bashing out 2K, 5K+ etc.

Try on all your gear before you pack. Check it all still fits correctly and get used to having it all on again.

Post Swim - After your swim a super important part is slowly warming the body back up. Achieve this by layering your clothes on, such as a couple t-shirts and a jumper. My wool hat is always in my pack as you lose a lot of heat from your head.

Drink a warming drink (not coffee), eat some cake!

Give yourself some time to relax before driving home. You need to allow your body to adjust and this takes time and some people need more time than others. We are all different so make sure you take as much time as you need.

Wet Gear - One thing that many miss out on is rinsing your gear. Rinsing reduces the risk of transporting anything from one body of water to another. Everyone should care about protecting our waters and that should be even more prominent for those of us who swim in them.

First time this season or first time ever? We’d love to see you either way.

Come join H2oTrails at our swim spot at Sweethope Lough, Northumberland.

Contact us - find us on Facebook or call/message 07737300470 to book your spot or find out more!



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