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100% Winter Swimmer Award

NOV - MARCH 15th



The "100% Winter Swimmer Award" is a prestigious honor bestowed upon the bold and dedicated few who commit to a rigorous four-month target of cold-water swimming. This challenge, meant to push the boundaries of mind, body, and spirit, focuses on continuous engagement with the chilling embrace of winter waters, culminating in a significant achievement of swimming a total of 4 kilometers over the winter months.


This is for only wintered swimmers with lots of experience and yes this is for wetsuit or none wetsuit swimmers but if youre none wetsuit you must have at least 1 winter swim experience in skins (none neoprene)



To earn the "100% Winter Swimmer Award," participants must meet the following criteria:

  • Consistent Engagement: Participants must maintain a regular schedule of swimming in their chosen open water locations throughout the four winter months.

  • Distance Target: Swimmers aim to reach a cumulative distance of 4 kilometers swum over the entire winter period. This goal breaks down to an average of 1 kilometer per month, although participants may choose to distribute the distance unevenly across the months.

  • And longer swims of 500m needs 100% support for saftey and should be swam in a venue with qualified winter lifeguards.

  • Recording: Honesty note book, please get your self a small note pad and note down some our important info that you will use, we dont require to see this evidence.










All participants enter the challenge at their own risk. It's essential to acknowledge the inherent dangers of cold-water swimming, including potential health risks. The organizers of the "100% Winter Swimmer Award" assume no responsibility for any adverse effects on health or injuries that participants may experience. Individuals are encouraged to prioritize their safety above all else, taking all necessary precautions.


Award recipients will be acknowledged in a special ceremony highlighting their remarkable accomplishment. They will receive a certificate, a unique "100% Winter Swimmer" badge symbolizing their triumph over the frigid waters, and recognition in various community and social media platforms to inspire others with their story.


The "100% Winter Swimmer Award" stands as a testament to human strength and endurance, offering a journey through physical challenges and emerging stronger and more resilient. It celebrates not just the achievement of a distance, but the triumph of the human spirit over the biting cold, the rough, icy waters, and the internal wave of doubts. Are you ready to become a 100% Winter Swimmer?


Badge to be sent out at the end of the award period 

100% Winter Swimmer

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