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Outdoor swimming group introduction lesson 

Learn outdoor swimming with this relaxed but informative lesson with expert Fenwick Ridley and TeamH2o, In the most amazing swim venue in in Northumberland.

We have a super amazing venue that has a sand entry like a beach and you can stand up the whole time during the session.
There is no need to wait till your fit as we help you with that and there is such a big varity of people who attend our dips.

From head up super slow breaststroke to bobbing around or a bit frontcrawl, it really is up to you and we will support you all the way.
Our team are there for you, We like to make sure your comfortable and feel safe so we have someone on the water and in the water.

We cover a fair bit of ground on our lessons 

-Dryside coaching first 
-water work
-ending with dryside coaching 

All you need is you swim wear and a couple towels / food n drink / extra clothing

You can hire a wetsuit but this needs to be booked 2 days before the booking at the latest at a cash price of £8 and you will need to be 30min early to the session to be fitted up 


Our regular dip sessions have such a variety of different types of swimmers from people who just want to bob about and do breast stroke or swim a distance around the buoys at speed.

This session is the most regular but can also have some random times pop up like sunrise swims and later swims.

If the session has only a couple attending then there is a chance for it to be cancelled but those few booked will be credited. Tow Floats Compulsory 

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