Our regular dip sessions have such a variety of different types of swimmers from people who just want to bob about and do breast stroke or swim a distance around the buoys at speed.

This session is the most regular but can also have some random times pop up like sunrise swims and later swims.

If the session has only a couple attending then there is a chance for it to be cancelled but those few booked will be credited. Tow Floats Compulsory 

h2o tri.jpg

This session is aimed Triathlon groups/clubs or long distance swimmers with a pace.

This session is not for a wild swimmer looking to bob about as there might be a chance you will get run over by groups of faster swimmers.

After a short while these sessions will get a choice of being coached by a qualified H2oCoach.

Unfortunately H2oTrails does not support Coaches within the groups/clubs to coach within this session. Tow Floats Compulsory