wild swimming northumberland

Without the confines of lane ropes or walls, it’s liberating, adventurous and unique.


You don't need to be an amazing super swimmer to enjoy nature and we only require you to be able to swim a little as we support absolute total beginners.


This is great for a transition from the pool to outdoor swimming, as well as open water swimmers who want to gain confidence or refresh/push their skills.

Our lake is shallow and you will be able to stand up the whole time + its all a sand bottom & entry so no nasty rocks to trip over.

Reap all the awesome benefits of entering the water and feel that switch off and buzz, you will get addicted mind!

Swimming outdoors has been proven over and over to help so many things in our lives including mental health and depression.

These bespoke sessions welcome all ranges of ability level from age 8+.

You will learn a little handful of skills to help you on your way and approach the water with a safe head on your shoulders.

We also welcome skin swimming as a choice (none wetsuit) which is popular as you are closer to the water & yes you do actually get a bit more of that buzz as the whole body is subjected. but here we look after you and make it fun and safe to explore. 

What you get

  • Intro/Brief

  • Wetsuit fitting and use (if wanted)

  • Acclimatisation & entry

  • OWS skills coaching

  • Water safe skills

  • Stroke analysis 

  • Coaching plan

  • Debrief

  • Wetsuit and gear discount

This coached session includes a land based session before and after being in the water covering wetsuits, choosing swimming gear, dip safety chat, acclimatisation and how to deal with anxiety or panics and a bit of science of the body and its changes while experiencing the water. 

Your Introduction To Wild Swimming will give you all the skills, knowledge and confidence you need to continue your path in outdoor swimming adventures!