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1hr Lesson on frontcrawl with coach Fenwick 


Want to master breathing?

Or are you struggling with starting frontcrawl?


Wetsuits availible to hire but must book prior 

You can swim suited or none suited


This lesson is all about learning the machanics of frontcrawl but in a easy way.


NOTE this is for those not able to swim 50m FrontCrawl and might only be able to do 10 to 20m or nothing at all.

THIS IS NOT AN INTRODUCTION TO OUTDOOR SWIMMING and all attending must have experience in swimming outdoors already and being regular.


If youre swimming more then 100m froncrawl then you would need to get onto our FrontCrawl Workshop (Improver) - coming soon


This Front Crawl workshop is for beginers to get to grip with the building blocks to front crawl and understand whats needed for THEM to progress. Front Crawl is tough stroke to manage for many but this session will support and help the swimmer be at ease with a very relaxed approach.


You will learn the funidmentles of front crawl and also help design your best stroke including structured You will be coached by Fenwick Ridley who has over 20yrs Teaching/coaching.


Please Note you must be there and ready to start at 10am so arrive at the car park to meet coach Fenwick 10min before then you will head down to the water to start dryside chat first so dont get changed straight away.

Saturday 6th AUG FrontCrawl WorkShop (BEGINNER) 10am

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