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Start with about 3min

Aim for 8 min +

There are many theories on the benefits of cold water therapy & swimming in icy waters.


Full body cold water immersion and cryotherapy (cold air chamber) also resulted in a sustained increase in norepinephrine, which substantiates the long-term pain relief touted by cold therapy promoters. Exposure to cold also increases metabolic rate.

Work up to whatever is comfortable for you. If you can’t tolerate the cold, keep the water cold but expose only your feet, hands, and face. Gradually increase the duration and area of exposure.

Cold water therapy is not for everyone. For example, the potential spike in blood pressure caused by cold water could be dangerous for those with uncontrolled high blood pressure. However, practitioners say the therapy can be safely used to reduce mildly high blood pressure (150/100 and below) or to raise low blood pressure.

If you have any questions about your blood pressure or haven’t had it checked recently, you should see your doctor for a blood pressure test before beginning a cold-water regimen

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