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Kids must be able to swim 50m (2 lengths of a 25m pool) 

The objective of this outdoor swimming lesson for kids is to introduce them to the joys and challenges of swimming in natural bodies of water, such as lakes, rivers, or the ocean. The lesson aims to enhance their water safety skills, build confidence, and foster an appreciation for nature while enjoying recreational swimming activities.


Lesson Duration:
The lesson will span approximately 1.5, allowing for sufficient time for instruction, practice, and fun activities.

Lesson Outline:

Gear up and Safety Talk (15 minutes):

Deliver a safety talk, emphasizing the importance of listening to instructions, staying within designated swimming areas, and recognizing potential hazards in outdoor water bodies.

Discuss basic water safety rules, such as the buddy system, recognizing and avoiding rip currents, and the importance of wearing appropriate safety equipment.

Explain the differences between swimming in controlled environments like pools and swimming in natural bodies of water.
Discuss the unique challenges and features of swimming outdoors, such as varying water temperatures, currents, and potential underwater obstacles.

Teach essential skills like floating, treading water, and controlled breathing techniques to help children feel comfortable and safe in natural water environments.

Demonstrate safe and proper ways to enter and exit the water in different outdoor settings, such as sandy beaches, rocky shores, or shallow riverbanks.
Provide hands-on practice for children to practice entering and exiting the water, ensuring they understand how to navigate various terrains.

Guide children through practical exercises in open water to help them develop confidence, balance, and adaptability to changing conditions.
Emphasize the importance of swimming parallel to the shore and the concept of sighting, allowing children to orient themselves and swim in a straight line.

Conduct safety drills such as floating on the back, turning in the water, and calling for help in case of emergencies.

When you purchase you will need to email us with booking info and include height and weight for wetsuits if needing a suit

   Swimmers need to bring:

2 towels 


Swim cap (can be provided)

Food and drink for after swim

Few extra layers for warming up 

Large jacket of sorts to change in (robe)


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