We have an opportunity this year to make a fresh change in fitness and health. As the country starts to open up there are alot of us with plans to create the their super self and push to get there.

To start with I have made a list of changes for my self and I'm going to put them on a small white board up on my wall with some of these changes and goals. As really for such a high % of us we don't hold to our plan because its hard.

But its NOT IMPOSSIBLE and you can make it fun and easy.

Step by step. Don't jump, start small to gain big

Also to motivate these goals and changes is to drag a mate into your plan and create a goal for each other.

Loosing a bit of weight is a fairly good target of mine but being realistic it will take a few month to 6 or a year to be my ultimate super self.

It's not a long time really.

When ever someone says to me that I wont be able to do something, I always say to myself that I can or will give it a good shot. But I very rarely give up totally.


You CAN do it

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There is a lovely fall in temperature starting and now for those swimming skins (and suits) you will find that time and distance will become shorter...

For me and many others its extremely exciting as the water gives you even more.

Breathing is even more highlighted and you will need to focus more on the breathing.

If your breathing is feeling a little out of control then slow down your swimming an listen to the bubbles , sing a bubble song 🎵 🎶 👌

A little few things to remind you.

Pre Swim

》Set out your stuff in order in or out a bag ready to support your re warming.

》Attened with fuel inside and not on a total empty tummy or dehydrated.

》Understand you might not swim as long as week before.

Post swim stuff

》Extra socks



》Robe of sorts

》Spare towel


》Spare layer (hoody)

Hope everyone is well 🙏

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I dont know about you but this lockdown has put a rather large tummy on me with all the baking and chilling.

But now for me its time to step up and focus.

It's silly to think that I'll perform the same as I was a few month ago SO if you have not been in the water since last year you might find you wont be in long ?

The first swims back

It's really all about soaking up that surroundings and noises of the water n birds.

& It's really all about connecting and disconnecting.

Dont expect to loose much of the tummy or grow that stamina after one swim.

It takes a little while for your body to adjust and so just go with it and smile.

But you will need to make sure all that gear is in good shape before packing up that swim bag.

It's funny how so many do this but when most people (80%) are heading for a swim they dont pack any water or juice... you even see this a swimming pools.


And dont forget your face mask