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High River Level

It's super hard seeing people I care about and look after at H2oTrails taking swims in flood water saying ahhhh I have to get my Dip in.

Honestly the risks on flood water is and can change your life for the worst.

Of course I'll point out at H2oTrails we have a swim venue that is an inland lake but we also do have times we can't swim. And when you can't get to our place, please do just hang on and we will open ASAP but your safety and health is always top priority. Don't feel forced then to opt for a raging Flooded river.

The ones that gets me is bacteria and chemicals off farm land and roads, bacteria and sewage from drains bursting and offsets from pipes holding s#^%

I know of a few people I have swam with in the past that have become super ill from the river and we did tests and ended up reporting but nothing ever came of it as if it just got ignored.

why risk ?

why is it more important?


iIf the level is higher then normal and especially brown or even light brown DONT GO IN.

Some packages you can get :




Hep A

Chemicals (farm) ingesting

Swimming in floodwater is hazardous for several reasons:

1. **Contaminants:** Floodwaters often contain pollutants, sewage, and other harmful substances. Exposure to these contaminants can lead to infections, illnesses, or skin problems.

2. **Fast Flowing Water:** Floodwaters can have strong currents, debris, and hidden hazards. Swimming in these conditions increases the risk of being swept away, injured, or trapped.

3. **Waterborne Diseases:** Floodwaters may be contaminated with bacteria, viruses, and parasites, posing a significant risk of waterborne diseases. Ingesting or coming into contact with contaminated water can lead to serious health issues.

4. **Objects and Debris:** Floodwaters can carry debris such as branches, sharp objects, and even dangerous animals. Swimming in such water increases the likelihood of injuries from collisions with submerged or floating objects.

5. **Unseen Hazards:** Flooded areas may hide submergend hazards, like open manholes, submerged vehicles, or uneven terrain. These hidden dangers can lead to accidents and injuries.

Overall, swimming in floodwaters is strongly discouraged due to the numerous health and safety risks associated with contaminated and unpredictable conditions.

110% not worth it.

Stay safe 🙏

Fenwick Ridley

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Does the high water level effect swimming at Sweethope? I'm due in again on Friday

Dec 28, 2023
Replying to

Yes sometimes it effects run off which can unbalance the lake slightly. Luckily for our lake at sweethope there is little to none cattle grazing in the area.


Alex Font
Alex Font
Dec 27, 2023

Mark, you are so right about flood water. I know it's different, but we at Bearl Equine Clinic are seeing lots of horses becoming ill lately with colic and diarrhoea, and my guess is that it is happening by eating grass contaminated with soil bacteria due to flooded fields and possibly faecal bacteria from flood water. Don't end up like them !

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