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{2hr Workshop}

Dryside classroom lesson @ Wentworth Leisure Centre Hexham

ALL attending must be signed up as a member at H2oTrails.


Winter is coming...

And some of us are getting very excited to experience the colder dips, but also alot of you will be feeling slight nervous about this journey.

This is just the start of our support at H2oTrails as we littrally guide you from the start of the winter till the end.


This workshop is like the tool box to the journey of winter dips, with a totally friendly, easy approached classroom based chat and presentation.

This unique workshop is delivered to you by Fenwick Ridley who has a wealth of knowledge and experience of swimming in icey waters.


Talking about gear, methods, science, myth busting and more

+Showing footage and stories


Joining this WSW enables you to continue with us into the winter at H2oTrails @ Sweethope Lough

WSW - Wednesday 8th Nov 7pm

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