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Nice Drop In Temperature

There is a lovely fall in temperature starting and now for those swimming skins (and suits) you will find that time and distance will become shorter...

For me and many others its extremely exciting as the water gives you even more.

Breathing is even more highlighted and you will need to focus more on the breathing.

If your breathing is feeling a little out of control then slow down your swimming an listen to the bubbles , sing a bubble song 🎵 🎶 👌

A little few things to remind you.

Pre Swim

》Set out your stuff in order in or out a bag ready to support your re warming.

》Attened with fuel inside and not on a total empty tummy or dehydrated.

》Understand you might not swim as long as week before.

Post swim stuff

》Extra socks



》Robe of sorts

》Spare towel


》Spare layer (hoody)

Hope everyone is well 🙏

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Tania Amos
Tania Amos
Sep 16, 2020

Hi, I hope it will be possible to have a lesson in October. How much is the cost and what does it all involve

Thanks tania


When will you start winter conditioning sessions?


Hi Mark hope your well when will you be free to fit me in for a lesson? Maggie


Jane Michie
Jane Michie
Sep 16, 2020

Brrr.. see you tomorrow!

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